Thursday, October 2, 2014

Indian Summer

For the past few weeks we've been experiencing an Indian summer here in New England. I'd actually been looking forward to the fall but I can't say I mind a few extra weeks of nice summery weather! It has also given us an excuse to extend our summer at the Cape.

Last weekend we had our first guests at the new trailer! Our friends Todd, Heather and Eric came down and we went to the Cape Cod Brew Fest.

Mike and I love craft beer but had actually never been to a Brew Fest before. It was held at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds in Falmouth. There was live music, food trucks and of course, lots and lots of beer! There were over 50 different breweries in attendance with 200+ types of beer available to sample.

Autumn and Pumpkin beers were the main focus of the event. I tried so many Pumpkin beers that at one point they all started to taste the same. I think this year I'm actually liking the Oktoberfest style beers more than the Pumpkin ones, which is really surprising to me. The best one I tried was Grey Sail Autumn Winds. I also really enjoy Belgian style brews and I loved everything I tried from Idle Hands Brewery. They're located in Everett so I think we may go visit the Brewery! All in all it was a really fun day and we loved the experience!

We've had the new trailer for about two months now and I thought I'd share some interior shots. If you're interested in seeing the outside and the story behind it I did a post about that here.

We are absolutely in love with the new digs. We have more space and storage than we know what to do with including a bonus back bedroom with 3 bunks and a pull out couch. Its so nice to have that extra space so we can finally have guests! 

We're slowly getting settled in and buying things we need but its not really decorated at all. The only only thing we have is one sad pillow from the Christmas Tree shop that was in our old trailer that doesn't really match the new color scheme. I'm trying not to obsess over that and I'm sure it will become more homey and lived in as we use it more. We're planning on going down at least one more time before our campground closes for the season at the end of the month. 

Hope this Indian Summer has been treating you well!

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  1. The Brew Fest looked like fun. Beautiful day for it!!