Friday, October 17, 2014

A Weekend in the Mountains

Last weekend was our annual family camping trip to Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, NH. This was our second time camping here for Columbus Day Weekend. We stayed with my parents on their RV and were joined by my sister as well as some of my aunts and uncles. Here's a peek inside our holiday weekend in the mountains.

The campground is located in the NH Lakes Region, right around the corner from Lake Winnipesaukee. Its no secret that I love NH in the summer but I also really love it in the fall. The foliage around the Lakes Region and in the White Mountains cannot be beat! It really looks like a postcard.

We camped in the safari field area which is located at the bottom of a former Ski Jump. I love camping in this area. Its so cool to be staying at the actual foot of a mountain.

On Fright night when we arrived we were greeted with some homemade Apple Cider Moonshine. Not a bad way to kick off the weekend!

One thing to keep in mind about mountainside camping this time of year, as soon as the sun leaves the campsite it is COLD! I need to remember to bring warmer clothes next year. I was layering two sweatshirts and a scarf and was still cold. We worked hard to keep the campfire roaring to stay warm. Don't mind my socks with sandals or "Scandals" as we so fondly call them. They are perfectly acceptable when Camping or at Abakee.

There were a few intense games of Jumbo Jenga. At one point an actual ladder was brought out because the tower was getting so high.

On Saturday morning we took Dale for a walk and checked out the Wetlands Boardwalk. It is a 1/4 mile raised boardwalk around the wetlands area of the mountain. It was a nice quiet and peaceful walk with lots to look at. Keep an eye out for the Beaver dams.

That night my aunt and uncle put together an awesome fall beer tasting. We blind taste tested nine different beers and rated them. The beer with the highest rating turned out to be UFO Pumpkin.

To keep with the Pumpkin/Fall theme, you guessed it, we carved Pumpkins. You're never to old to enjoy a nice Jack-O-Lantern! We lit them every night and they were a nice festive addition to our camp.

There are several different hiking trails at Gunstock. Since I'm a beginner we didn't hike up to the top of the mountain but we did take a nice hike on the Quarry trails on Sunday morning.

If you are a lover of Fall Foliage the best way to take it all in is to ride the Panorama chairlift up to the mountain summit. Its a truly breathtaking ride with awesome views of the lake. 

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  1. Definitely a tradition to keep going!! Fall in New England at its best!!!