Thursday, October 29, 2015

Beauty Room Tour

Today's post is all about my beauty room. This room has gone though several transformations over the years. First, we painted it yellow and used it as our guest room. It then became a guest room/office for a while. Finally, when we were renovating our bathroom a few years ago I set up a mirror at the desk in here and made a little vanity for myself during construction. I loved getting ready in here so much that I created a permanent vanity area for myself in here and the room was transformed into my beauty room.

Here's a peek inside:

I get ready in here in the morning and also use this space to do the majority of my blogging and photography.

The vanity setup is mostly from Ikea. The desk is the Liatorp. I added a glass topper to prevent the white desktop from getting stained from makeup products. I think it gives it an elegant touch.

On my vanity, I have 4 of the MUJI 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers stacked up. These drawers are slightly taller than the ever popular 5-Drawer system by MUJI. This makes them more versatile on what you can store in there. The top drawer is the lift-top version that I leave open so I can store my foundations and setting sprays upright. These are great quality and a great value. The US MUJI online store doesn't seem to be open right now but you can find these on Amazon or go to one of the US Stores.

To the left of my desk I have two of the Alex 6-drawers stacked. I like these compared to the 9-drawer version since the drawers are wider. I use this to store my makeup collection and accessories. I still have plenty of room left to grow.

I hope you enjoyed this peek inside my beauty room! I've been meaning to get this post up for a while now. I've been enjoying this space for about 3 years but alas, I'm being kicked out. This is the bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom so it is going to be the baby's room. It is actually empty in the process of being painted right now. I took these pictures over the summer. We moved the vanity, alex drawers and some of the decor upstairs to the guest room. I rearranged the furniture a bit in there and it actually fits quite nicely. While I'm sad to see this space go, it will be nice to have our little guy right next-door. I can't wait to share what I have in store for his nursery! Stay tuned!


Paint: Behr, Moon Dance
Sunburst Mirror: Homegoods
Trifold Mirror: Pier 1
Foil Prints: I See Noise
Baies Candle: Nordstrom
Voluspa Candle: Bloomingdales
Orchid Quatrefoil Pillow: Motif Pillows
Purple Lattice Pillows: Dawns Decor & More
Bed: Ikea
Side Table: Target
Bedding: Target
Dress Form: PB Teen
Storage Drawers: Ikea
Desk: Ikea
Mercury Glass Jars: Anthropologie
Votives: Z Gallerie
Makeup Mirror: Target
Chair: Ikea
Faux Sheepskin Rug: Ikea
Chandelier: Home Depot