Thursday, April 2, 2015

Be Our Guest

Today's post is all about our Guest Bedroom. This room has gone through a lot of styling changes over the years. However, over the past year it had become a catch-all for some of our camping stuff as well as items we had to move out of the attic when the roof was leaking this winter. With warmer weather on the horizon, it gave me a surge of motivation to clean it out and pretty it up for spring.

Here's a peek inside:

Our house is a cape-style with three bedrooms. Two on the first floor and one upstairs. When we first moved in, our first thought was to use this upstairs bedroom as the master. I ended up nixing that idea in the end because one of the bedrooms downstairs is actually larger and there is no bathroom on the second floor. We initially used the extra downstairs bedroom as the guest room and used this upstairs bedroom as an office. Over the years we found that we just weren't using the office so we decided to convert this bedroom into the guest room and moved our desk area into an alcove in the upstairs hallway. I really love the way it turned out. It makes more sense for the guest room to be upstairs, that way guests will have their own little quiet area away from the rest of the house.

On the left side of the room I have an antique dresser that was in my parent's house that I use as extra storage. I styled the top of it with some fresh flowers as well as some framed photos. I recently found a box of old photographs in the attic and framed that gem of my sister and I at my aunt's summer house when we were little. Glamorous!

In the corner I have an antique parlor chair that came from my great aunt's house. The upholstery is original and my intent is to have it reupholstered at some point but I think it actually looks great for it's age. I added a pillow with one of my favorite Audrey quotes. I love all things French and this room has a bit of a Paris feel.

I added a little welcome tray to the bed with some water, greenery and a note card containing the wifi password. 

This luggage rack came from my grandparent's house. I've always thought it was so cute, but I just couldn't figure out what to do with it. When I stumbled upon it in the attic it dawned on me the perfect place would be in the guest room. I put out some fresh towels and soap on top.

One of my favorite things about this room is the built in bookshelves. They're a great bonus element to the room and I had so much fun styling them.

My favorite piece on the bookshelf is this glass pedestal stand. It is actually meant to hold a cupcake. I filled it up with some of our wedding items: the handkerchief I carried, my headpiece and one of the sand dollars we used as our escort cards. It's such a fun way to display some of our wedding details.

This vintage nightstand is one of my most treasured yard sale finds. Better yet, it was a steal for only $10! As soon as I laid eyes on it I had the guest room in mind. The shabby cream and gold details match this room so well, I only wish there were two of them!

I hope you enjoyed this peek inside my guest bedroom! It is eclectic, with the mismatched furniture and colorful details, but that's what I love about it. Strangely, I think it all works together to give the room a homey feel. I love mixing antiques with modern pieces.


Paint: Olympic, Secret Passage
Bedding: Amy Butler, Lace Work
Eiffel Tower: Pier 1
Sunburst Mirror: Target
Fish Bowl Vase: Home Goods
Tray: Target
Mason Jug: Bed Bath & Beyond
Tea Lights: Crate & Barrel (similar)
Terrarium: West Elm
Alarm Clock:
Pedestal Cupcake Stand: Pottery Barn


  1. Wow it looks "beautiful", nice job!!

  2. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. I'm obsessed with that alarm clock and love that Amy Poehler's book is underneath it. Great job!