Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter Style Staples

Winter is not my favorite season. Trudging through the snow, cleaning off my car and jacking up the heat are not things I look forward to. But over New Years, Mike and I did something different and went on a little winter getaway to North Conway. It really brought me back to what I do like about winter. The cozy scarfs and sweaters, no humidity to make my hair frizz, sipping hot chocolate and cozying up to a fire are all things I enjoy. Since then, I've really been trying to be more positive about winter and one of the ways I've done that is through embracing my favorite fashion items.

Here are some key pieces that have been my Winter Style Staples:

1. Earflap Beanie - I'm reaching for hats with earflaps lately since they really keep you bundled up in the cold winter temps. I love this one from The North Face, its so warm and the cream color will go with anything.

2. Ballerina Flats - In the winter I like to wear boots outside and then have some flats with me to slip on once I get to work. These Tieks flats are great because they fold up and you can carry them in your purse.

3. eTip Gloves - eTip gloves make it so that you don't have to remove your gloves to use your phone, ingenious! These ones from ones The North Face are great because all five fingers are touchscreen compatible, usually its only the index finger and thumb.

4. Dainty Necklace - I've been wearing a lot of scarves lately but I still like incorporate jewelry into my wardrobe. Choosing a dainty necklace is a nice way to do that without your accessories looking overwhelming.

5. Aviator Sunglasses - I find that solar glare affects me the most during the winter so a nice pair of sunglasses is a must. I love my Ray Ban Aviators, they're so comfortable and they go with anything.

6. Blanket Scarf - The Blanket Scarf has taken Pinterest by storm this season. This one from Target is so warm and cozy, I have it in two colors. They are hard to find online but I found both of mine in store, so make sure to peruse the scarf racks!

7. Deep Berry Lipstick - I've been gravitating towards plummy-berry lipstick shades this winter. A bold lip and minimal eye makeup is a great way to look done-up without a lot of effort.

8. Navy Handbag - I've been loving a nice navy leather handbag this season. Its a nice change from the basic black I usually sport this time of year and I think it will transition nicely into the spring.

9. Ugg Boots - Uggs aren't necessarily the best for traipsing around in the snow, since they're not waterproof, but they are just so warm and cozy. I wear these more when its cold than when its snowing or wet out. I love the button detailing on this pair, it really dresses them up.

Shopping Tip:

I am an avid shopper and I recently discovered, which offers gift cards at a discount. When I have something I'm shopping for I first check out Raise to see if there are currently offering any discounts at the store I'm planning to visit. Another great thing about this website is that you can also sell your unused or unwanted gift cards that you might have sitting in your wallet, taking up space. I'm always looking for ways to save money so this website was a no-brainer for me.

I hope this post inspired you to embrace the winter weather and gave you an idea on how to save a little money while doing it!

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  1. New Englanders need to "embrace" the winter! Great tips! I'm going scarf shopping!