Friday, August 29, 2014

Beauty Bad Habits

I think we all have the best intentions when it comes to our beauty routine but there are always those areas that trip us up. Bad habits that we simply can't kick. Some things I don't even realize I'm doing, but most of my trouble spots can be chocked up to good, old fashioned procrastination. These are my confessions:

Face Touching

Throughout the day I find myself resting my chin on my hand, rubbing my eyes, scratching an itch, etc, etc. This is definitely something I don't' realized I'm doing until I'm doing it. Its just human nature, but its definitely something I need to work on. It not only breaks up your makeup, but it introduces bacteria to your face making you more susceptible to blemishes and sickness.

Pumping the Mascara Wand 

When using mascara, in between dips back into the tube I move the brush in and out and pump it up which forces air into the tube. The extra air causes the mascara to dry up faster. Pumping also overloads the wand with mascara which results in chunky, spidery lashes. This is one of those habits where I have no idea where I picked it up and I do it without even realizing it. To remedy this, try to gently pull out the wand from the tube and if you need to, swipe off excess at the opening of the tube. Also, make sure to screw the cap on tight when you're done and try to dip the brush back in as few times as possible during each application.

Lazy Workday Makeup

I love doing my makeup, its always been enjoyable to me and not something I think of as a chore. With that being said, I also enjoy sleep. When my alarm goes off the snooze button usually looks more appealing to me than applying a full face of makeup. This is a constant struggle for me. I am always scrambling to get out the door in the morning so most days my makeup consists of dabbing on a little foundation, blush and mascara. This is really a time management issue and I need to start waking up earlier or making my lunch the night before so I have enough time to get ready.

Lack of Switching it Up

I have a center drawer in my vanity which is where I keep my most used makeup so that its easily accessible. Problem is I tend to get lazy and just use the same products that are in there and forget to switch it up. I need to make it a point to spend some time once a week changing out products and shopping my stash so I get more use out of my collection.

Chipped Nail Polish

I love nail polish but what I don't love is the chip factor. I usually do my nails on a weekly basis. I'd say they stay looking nice for about 3-4 days and then they start chipping like a mother. This annoys me to no end. Not only does it look ugly but it makes my nails more susceptible to breaking and splitting. This is another example of me just being lazy. When they start chipping I need to at least remove the polish and file them a little bit instead of rocking the chipped nail polish walk of shame until I'm ready to do another manicure.

Brush Washing

This has got to be my worst offense. I have a good sized collection of makeup brushes and while I have the best intentions to keep those babies squeaky clean, it generally falls low on my priority list. Regular brush washing is important to battle product and bacteria build up. I know some people do a weekly brush cleansing of their entire collection and to those people, I bow down to you, but I just don't have the time. I've set a goal for myself to do a deep cleaning every other week with spot cleaning my most used ones as needed in between, this is a good one from Sephora.

I hope this post was helpful and maybe you can relate to a few of my bad habits. I'm a work in progress but becoming more aware of these bad habits has helped me realize what I need to work on and come up with a plan of action to improve my beauty routine for the better.


  1. I am guilty of all of these bad habits as well. A recent breakout that just will not go away has me trying to break the face touching habit!


    1. I feel you on that Mikayla! Its so hard to leave them alone!