Friday, June 19, 2015

Birthday Glamping

I hit the big 3-0 milestone a few weeks ago and to celebrate, my family took me to the Cape Cod Camp Resort in Falmouth. It is truly more of a resort than a campground. There are 3 pools, a hot tub, a lake with boat rentals, a cafe and wi-fi.

We stayed in the "Glamping" area which included paved sites, large picnic tables and stone fire pits. There are walkways from the picnic tables to the fire pits that are paved with shells, how very Cape Cod!

The grounds are beautifully manicured and well-kept. Everywhere you looked there were enormous rhododendrons in bloom. 

On Saturday we headed to Woods Hole for the afternoon. Our first stop was to the Woods Hole Science Aquarium. It's a free public aquarium that features 140 species of marine animals including an outdoor Seal habitat. The aquarium is small but there were truly a lot of exhibits and tanks to look at. You can also go behind the scenes to the work area behind the tanks to see the staff tending to the animals. Everyone there is very friendly and will answer questions.

After the Aquarium we walked around a bit and stopped for lunch at the Fishmonger Cafe. It was a cozy little spot that is actually on stilts and overlooks the drawbridge passageway.  The food and drinks were tasty and we enjoyed the great view!

Walking back to the car, we stumbled upon this gorgeous little spot, the Angelus Bell Tower and Mary Garden. It's located across from St. Joseph's church overlooking Eel pond (the harbor on the other side of the drawbridge). In reading about the garden, this is said to be the first U.S. Mary Garden: a garden dedicated to Mary where plants named after her surround her statue. It was like a secret garden located behind 6 ft tall hedges. The view of the harbor was amazing, this would be the perfect spot for a small wedding ceremony!

Saturday night we went to dinner at one of my favorite Falmouth spots, Liam McGuire's. It's a lively Irish pub with live music and delicious food. When we got back to the camp I was presented with this glorious cupcake cake from Cupcake Charlie's. It tasted as good as it looks!

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