Monday, April 21, 2014

Cruising the Keys, Key Largo

After 3 days in Key West we shoved off and headed to our last destination, Key Largo.

The drive on Overseas Highway was just as beautiful as it was coming down.  We stopped off on the side of the road just before getting on the Seven Mile Bridge to get a few pictures.

The last place we stayed was Point of View RV Resort in Key Largo.  We had a beautiful bay side spot overlooking the marina.  During low tide there was a little tide pool right outside our campsite so naturally I made a few starfish friends.  The resort is brand new and very clean. 

The best part about Key Largo was the snorkeling! The last day of the trip we visited John Pennenkamp Coral Reef State Park and went on a snorkeling tour. The tour was 2 ½ hours and visited the Grecian Rocks Coral Reef.

We were able to rent all the equipment right from the park which was convenient. Since it was the winter and water temps were under 70 degrees they were highly suggesting renting a wet suit. I thought under 70! I’m used to water temps in the 50's, maybe 60's in the height of the summer at New England Beaches. I reluctantly listened to their recommendation and in the end I was glad I did. We were in the water for about an hour and a half and it kept me toasty the whole time. I’m not sure I would've lasted as long in the water if I didn't have a wetsuit.

There are several different reefs that the snorkel tours visit. The captain makes the decision which location you go to based on the conditions that day. I was really hoping we would go to Dry Docks Reef so we could see the Christ of the Abyss statue but the captain advised it was too windy to have seen it that day, bummer!

When we got to the reef the first thing you notice is the gorgeous, vibrant color contrast in the water. There are stripes of turquoise and deep blue. The turquoise is a sandy bottom and the deep blue was sea grass.

The coolest thing was how shallow the reefs were! The depths range from 20ft at their deepest to as low as zero in some spots at low tide. It puts you right up close so you get a great view of all the sea life and coral. It does give you the sensation that you can stand up and touch the bottom, which is strongly prohibited. The reefs are protected sanctuaries and you would be potentially killing the life below you if you stood on it. So make sure you keep that in mind. My favorite thing we saw was the schools of colorful Parrot Fish.

Although we only did the snorkeling, the park also offers camping, two beaches, glass bottom boat, scuba tours and boat rentals.

After snorkeling we cleaned up and went to dinner at Sundowners where we enjoyed Key Lime cocktails on the patio and our last sunset on the keys.  We had a great time on the Florida Keys and definately have plans to return!


  1. Wow such amazing pictures, thanks for documenting it and sharing! I really, REALLY want to go snorkeling, does it require being a very good swimmer?

    1. Hi Alexandra! Snorkeling is so much fun! I've been two other times in Jamaica, but I actually liked Key Largo the best! At Pennecamp they required you be a good swimmer. Everyone has to wear a lifejacket (the inflatable kind like they have on a plane). You don't have to blow it up though, only if you need it.

  2. The snorkeling was definitely a highlight !