Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nyx Butter Lipsticks Review

As a follow-up to Nyx's wildly successful "Butter" lip products, Nyx has come out with Butter Lipstick.  I am absolutely obsessed with the Butter Glosses, so I was psyched to try these.

There are 22 shades in the line. The shades I picked up were Bit of Honey, Gumdrop, Razzle and Sweet Tart.

Bit of Honey: Nude with Peachy Coral Undertones

Gumdrop: Bubblegum Pink

Razzle: Bright, Vibrant Fuchsia Pink

Sweet Tart: Deep Cool-Toned Pink

My Thoughts:

Overall, the brighter shades were very pigmented while the lighter and nude shades were less so.  To achieve full color on the lips I needed to bring it around town a few more times which is annoying to me.  I wish that the pigmentation was the same across the board.  That being said, these do have a smooth and creamy formula which is comfortable on the lips with fairly good staying power.  The darker shades definitely have better staying power and even produce a slight staining effect on the lips.

One last thing, if you haven't heard Nyx is now available at CVS!  But...these lipsticks were not in the display.  Not sure if they will be getting them. The CVS display was small and limited to only the permanent range items, so head on over to Ulta or the Nyx website to get your hands on these.


  1. Hey!! Love your blog! Are these moisturizing??

  2. PS it's Gretchen. Idk why my name isn't publishing.

  3. Thank you! :) I'd say they are somewhat moisturizing. Very creamy and comfortable to wear.